4 Week Gut Health Re-Set Feb 21

Great news! You are one click away from:

  • A calmer and happier gut
  • Clear direction of what to eat
  • A practical guide to putting it into practice

Listen to what Michelle says about the course.

Or if you prefer to read:

“I felt like a lost cause. At 27 years of age, I was bloated and constipated (often for 7-10 days at a time), I felt uncomfortable, frustrated, upset and not like any other 27 year old. I didn't feel comfortable in my body, I couldn't lose weight, I had constant cravings and my moods were uncontrollably all over the place.

Even after seeking help from the doctors on numerous occasions over 10 years, I felt as though I would never get to the bottom of why I didn't feel 'right'. Nor did I feel as though I would ever be understood or taken seriously.

Completing the symptom tracker at the beginning and end of the course has been a real eye opener. My score went from 68 down to 29. There were some symptoms which I could hardly even remember ever having! Reflux and heartburn at night was an issue at the beginning, however now I do not get this at all. I am going to the toilet every day and not once in 7-10 days.

I wake up easier and get less tired throughout the day. I am snacking far less and am not getting the cravings so much.  My mood has been an incredible difference! I am dealing with anxiety and overwhelm far better.

I am also more aware and able to control my irritable feelings and mood swings much better. As a bonus I have lost half a stone - which was never my original intention but this has definitely motivated me to continue”.

Buy course £397

(instalments available of £198.50 x 2)

(reminder coupon code EARLYBIRD200 expires midnight Wednesday 10th February)

Everything you get when you enrol

  • Intro module – the basic pillars & recap of the HOW & WHEN (that was covered in the live masterclass)
  • Week 1 Rainbow eating – the Fab 4 for variety
  • Week 2 Protein - key for your gut, immunity and brain
  • Week 3 Carbs – the most misunderstood food group
  • Week 4 Fats – essential fats are called essential for a reason

100% of group members rated the course excellent or very good.

The 4 Week Gut Health Re-Set Course will provide:

  • Weekly video modules to watch
  • Weekly homework – action gets results
  • Weekly group coaching calls with me (chance to get in the ‘hotseat’)
  • Recording of the calls
  • 14 recipes each for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks & condiments
  • Group support and motivation
  • Accountability with me and the group

Buy course £397

(instalments available of £198.50 x 2)

(reminder coupon code EARLYBIRD200 expires midnight Wednesday 10th February)

You will need to dedicate:

  • 1-2 hours weekly for the teaching video
  • 1-2 hours weekly for the live call (Zoom)


  • Weekly calls on weekday evenings and lunchtimes (UK time) to suit the group
  • We start on Friday 12th February.
  • All weekly calls are recorded if you can’t attend live
  • All questions can be submitted before so they will be covered on the live call

Additional bonuses:

  • Free 45 minute coaching call with Jane at the end of the course
  • Live Q & A call with Linda Booth, ‘Tummy Queen’, founder of Just For Tummies on the benefits of colonic hydrotherapy for digestive health
  • List of exclusive discount codes for my preferred brands
  • All my additional blog recipes in one easy download
  • Gut superfoods list
  • Access to my 10% client practitioner discount for supplement, food & lifestyle items

I'd love to see you on the course.

Buy course £397

(instalments available of £198.50 x 2)

(reminder coupon code EARLYBIRD200 expires midnight Wednesday 10th February)

Keep healthy, Jane

10 Modules

Week 4 - Fats

Choosing the right fats is crucial for your gut, immune system and hormonal health - the all important triangle of health.

This is guaranteed to be an eye opener module!

Feedback questionnaire

Honest feedback is welcome.  Speak your truth and help me make this even better. I promise I won't take offence.

“With real feedback, effective adjustments are possible.”
Chris Hutchinson

Options for moving forward - 1:1 or Summer Gut Members' Hub

To find out about moving forward with either 1:1 or the Summer Gut Members' Hub

Modules for this product 10
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